The little things that makes a big difference

The little things that makes a big difference

What makes us different? Why choose our pieces over those from traditional retailers? Upon unpacking your order, you should already have the answers, stated in the (lack of) details.

When you receive your order from Anthora, you'll find your selected products carefully wrapped in tissue paper, carried by our reusable laundry bag and shipped in a recycled / compostable mailer. No excessive packaging, no additional plastic bags, no promotional inserts or cards - just what you need to receive your items safely.

Our clothing contains no external hang tags, no polyester ribbons, ropes or strings - all the little fuss that make you feel fancy for a matter of seconds, before they are cut off and thrown away.

There are no spare buttons, spare button bags or plastic tabs. Our buttons have been heat sealed for additional security. If you ever find a button missing, email us, and we can send you a button to have it repaired.

Do these small differences affect your desire for our products? Indeed, they should.

We intentionally removed these details from our business, because ultimately, these little things are trash. They cost too much for our facilities to sort and recycle. They eventually become the microplastics that we are unable to filter out from our land, our water, our air and our bodies. So while these practices may seem small and insignificant, they really make a substantial difference. By removing these unneeded extras from millions of orders, we can make a big difference in what ends up in our landfills.

Photo by Hoiki Liu 

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