About Us

Anthora’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility is unwavering. Creating from waste, not creating additional waste, is the foundation of our brand.

In a move against fast fashion, we release just four collections annually—Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, with no more than 6 styles per season. Our curated collection are meant to be wardrobe essentials you build with to make the looks your own, interchangeably and repeatedly. Production runs are limited, employing suitable dead stock. We also offer more extravagant, made-to-order pieces that can be bought or rented to minimize waste. 

Unlike most fashion, our process begins with dead stock. On most any garments, fabric makes up 99% of material, so finding quality dead stock is where our timeless designs stems from. Favouring organic, natural, or recycled materials over virgin polyester/nylon/plastics, we are looking for materials that are beautiful and durable. Even our trims are carefully selected. Buttons are crafted from natural or recycled materials, heat-sealed for stability to mitigate the need for replacements. Zippers are dead stock from our factories or made from recycled polyester. Our packaging process echoes our sustainable ethos, with orders neatly wrapped in tissue paper, secured in reusable laundry bags, and sent in recyclable or compostable mailers. 

This is Anthora—embracing a more sustainable future.