Tailoring Services at Anthora: Crafting Confidence, One Stitch at a Time

Tailoring Services at Anthora: Crafting Confidence, One Stitch at a Time

The Art of Alterations

Sometimes, a nip here and a tuck there can transform a good outfit into a masterpiece. Our talented team assesses alterations based on individual needs. Whether it’s adjusting a hemline or sculpting a silhouette, we’re dedicated to perfection.

Shortening Service

We offer a complimentary shortening service for all first-time orders. Here’s how it works:

  1. After placing an order, please contact us within the hour with your invoice number.
  2. Clearly state your desired lengths in centimetres or inches:
    • In-Seam Length for Pants: Measure from the crotch seam to the desired hem.
    • Center Front Top to Bottom Length for Skirts: Specify where the skirt should gracefully end.
    • High Point Shoulder to Hem Length for Dresses: Let us know your ideal dress length.

Local Fittings

For our local clientele, we extend an invitation to visit our workshop. Here, you can be personally measured by our skilled tailors at no additional charge. No guesswork—just precision. No additional charge for shortening service. (By appointment only.)

Tailoring Service

“The best fit is the one that feels tailor-made.” For those that can visit our workshop, this is where our ready-to-wear collection becomes uniquely yours, by fitting and sculpting it specifically to you. The investment in tailoring varies, but rest assured, it’s a worthy one. The cost typically falls between HK$300 to $800, depending on the complexity of alterations.

Repairing Service

We encourage our customers to wear our clothes on repeat, and with that comes everyday wear and tear. Staying committed to our sustainability goals, we offer complimentary repairs! Send us photos of the garment and what needs fixing, and we’ll either guide you through the repairs or ask if you’d like to send the pieces back to our workshop for mending. Most Repairing service where applicable is complimentary!


With love and stitches,

Hoiki Liu
Founder, Anthora Collection

Photo by Hoiki Liu

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