Less is More: The Virtues of Slow Fashion

Less is More: The Virtues of Slow Fashion

How we can be both a successful and sustainable business?

"Success", in business is usually measured by profitability, and in fashion that often means selling in volume - how many pieces can you produce and sell in a season. The more, the better.

But for Anthora, success is measured differently.

Rather than focusing on volume to gain more profits, we focus on quality and minimizing waste. Our slower, more mindful approach means we make only what's needed. Opting to use existing dead stock instead of ordering new virgin textiles, couple with creating designs that are intended to last and eliminating wasteful practices wherever possible. We make an average of 50 units per style, costs are higher but our waste is kept to a minimum. To us, success means longevity and the chance to make a lasting positive impact.

We operate more like a gardener - nurturing our creations, considering the full lifecycle, and caring deeply about their effect on the world. This process may be slower, but the result is ultimately more beautiful and sustainable. Our goal is to build a brand that can thrive in today's world.

Photo by RoonZ nl on Unsplash 

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