Polyester & Nylon, to use or not to use?

Polyester & Nylon, to use or not to use?

As the founder of the sustainable fashion brand Anthora, I'm often asked why we use polyester and nylon fabrics when our goal is to be environmentally conscious. It's a fair question, since these synthetic materials have a reputation for being less eco-friendly. However, our reasoning is nuanced.

First, Anthora exclusively sources deadstock fabric, meaning we buy up excess material that would otherwise go to waste. We aren't placing new orders or driving new production. Within the limitations of available deadstock, material options are restricted. I'd prefer to use more natural fibers, recycled polyester and nylon, but high quality deadstock is scarce.

That brings me to my next point - polyester and nylon, when produced well, have very durable properties. The fabrics hold their structure and color better than most natural fibers like bamboo, cotton or silk. Considering our goal is to create long-lasting garments, good quality synthetics help achieve that aim.

The Anthora design philosophy is to make the most of the materials we can responsibly source. We choose fabrics that pair well with styles meant to endure, keeping clothes in use and out of landfills. Polyester and nylon, though imperfect, currently offer the durability we need. As textile recycling improves and more deadstock becomes available, I hope to incorporate more eco-conscious options. But for now, our focus is on long-wearing, waste-reducing fashion.

What are your thoughts? I'm always open to feedback from our community!

Collage by Hoiki Liu

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